The rural wildness of my youth was marked by great solitude which provided room for creative expression. Feeling alienated from my peers further motivated retreat into productive imagination. To cope with this social disconnect I have developed a love of the absurd, and a prioritization of silliness and humor that I take very seriously.


Multiplying features on a single face illustrates complex reactions that flit between emotions. Seeking to understand and relate to others I work to engage the viewer in a process of wonder and self exploration about their own reactions and responses in comparison to those of people around them. Distorted mirror finishes in place of the face invite the viewer to come close and provide their visage, creating intimacy with the work, collaborating and sharing in an experience, and challenging identity.


Relatable yet alien, the characters in this series bring to light experiences of otherness, isolation, insecurity, a desire to empathize, and a need for compassion. The difficult reality of loneliness is offered in a up beat pallet of color and pattern, helping to digest hard feelings.


Here I am snoozing as my mom trims bowls


I was born into an apprentice style childhood, learning how to work with clay from my parents, Maggie and Freeman Jones of Turtle Island Pottery. At the age of four my father started training me in production methods. In high school, I was awarded three Scholastic Art Awards, two Silver Keys and a Gold Key, as well as the Asheville Art Museum Award for Ceramics. In 2009, I received an Undergraduate Research Grant and in 2010 graduated as a University Research Scholar with a BFA in Ceramics and Sculpture from UNC-Asheville. After owning a functional pottery business for 3 years my work began transitioning to sculpture. I’ve received several awards and scholarships including a Teaching Invitation at Seika University in Kyoto, Japan, Artist Residency Invitations with Richard Hotchkiss in Grass Valley, California and at Breck Create in Breckenridge, Colorado. Currently I’m delighted to be a long term Resident Artist at Odyssey ClayWorks in Asheville, NC. In 2016, I had the pleasure of being demonstration assistant for Patti Warashina and Lauren Grossman at NCECA, workshop assistant for Patti Warashina at Santa Fe Clay, and again with Ms. Warashina at the 2017 Women Working with Clay Symposium. My work can be found in the Permanent Collection of North Carolina Pottery at the Mint Museum of Craft and Design in Charlotte and was featured in the 2016 group exhibition David Stuempfle Selects: North Carolina Pottery in a Global Context. In 2018, I exhibited work in the American Museum of Ceramic Art Fahrenheit 2018 Biennial in Pamona, California. I am currently an MFA candidate at Clemson University.



2019     Accepted Fine Arts Graduate, Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina

2010     Bachelors of Fine Art with Honors – University Research Scholar, University of North

Carolina at Asheville

2005 & 2009 Deans List

2002-2003 Apprenticeship, Turtle Island Pottery, Maggie and Freeman Jones, Black Mountain, NC


Permanent Collection

Permanent Collection of North Carolina Pottery at the Museum of Craft and Design, Charlotte, NC




Selected Juried

2019     Clay Bodies, Juror Jamie Bates Slone, Clay Center of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA

2018     Fahrenheit 2018,Juror Patti Warashina, American Museum of Ceramic Arts, Pomona, CA

2018      Shapes of Influence, international juried exhibition, Juror Simon Levin, Springfield Art

Association, Springfield, IL

2018     Sensory Overload, Annual juried members show, The Bascom, Highlands, NC

2017     Emerging Ceramicists in Western North Carolina, Juror Akira Satake, Asheville Area Arts Council, Asheville, NC

2017    What Goes Bump in the Night, Juror Magda Gluzek, Clay Arts Vegas, Las Vegas, NV

2016     David Stumpfle Selects: North Carolina Pottery in a Global Context,Mint Museum of Craft and Design, Charlotte, NC

2013     Northern California Wood Kilns, Juror Richard Hotchkiss, Alpha Fired Arts, Sacramento, CA

2011     Alumni Invitational, Megan Wolfe, University of North Carolina at Asheville, NC

2010     Out of the Shadow and Into the Light, Juror Katie Lee Koven, Center for Craft Creativity and Design, Hendersonville, NC

2010     ART FRONT, Student juried show, University of North Carolina at Asheville

2009     Selected Student Show, Megan Wolfe, University of North Carolina at Asheville



2017     Solitude and Companionship, Robert Whyte House, Breck Create, Breckenridge, CO

2016     Cosmic Contemplationof Your Self, Still Cellars Distillery, Longmont, CO 

2015     Out of the Sphere of Influence, Old Masonic Lodge, Breckenridge, CO

2010    Submersion, Dispersion, and Suspension aka: Get ‘um Wet,Highsmith Gallery, Asheville, NC


Selected Group

2018     Get Excited! Resident Artist Showcase,Odyssey ClayWorks, Asheville, NC

2017     Cup Show, The Pottery, Saluda, NC

2014-2016FRESH, Firehouse Art Center and Muse Gallery, Longmont, CO

2014    Longmont Clay, Firehouse Art Center, Longmont, CO

2011     {RE} Happening, Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center, Black Mountain, NC

2010     Beneath the Surface, Asheville Gallery of Art, Asheville, NC



2010     43rdAnnual UNCA Juried Student Art Exhibition, 3rdplace, juror Nina Katchadourian

2009     Undergraduate Research Grant, University of North Carolina at Asheville

2003     Scholastics Gold Key Award, Ceramics, Asheville Art Museum, NC

2003     Asheville Art Museum Award, Ceramics, NC

2002     Scholastics Silver Key Award, Ceramics, Asheville Art Museum, NC


Teaching Experience


Series Classes Taught

2019     Post Firing Sculpture Repair, Molly Morning-glory and Mac McCusker, Odyssey ClayWorks, Asheville, NC

2018    Go Big, Go Fast! Advanced Sculpture, Odyssey ClayWorks, Asheville, NC

2017-2018 Stackable Sculptures, intermediatehand building, Odyssey ClayWorks, Asheville, NC

2017    Snazzy Surfaces, Molly Morning-glory and Laurie Caffery, Odyssey ClayWorks, Asheville, NC

2017    Introduction to Wheel Work, Breckenridge, CO

2016    Intermediate Techniques, Westminster Recreation Center, CO

2015     Advanced Wheel Work, Breck Create, Breckenridge, CO

2014     Cone 6 Glazes,Molly Morning-glory and Julie Neri, Boulder Potters Guild, Boulder, CO

2014     Miniature Kilns: Play with Fire, Odyssey ClayWorks, Asheville, NC


Workshops Assisted

2019     NCECA Demonstrating Artist, Kukuli Velarde, Minneapolis, MN

2018     See What You Did, Penland School of Crafts, Simon Levin, Penland, NC

2017     Women Working with Clay Symposium, Patti Warashina, Hollins University, Roanoke, VA

2016    Santa Fe Clay, Patti Warashina, Santa Fe NM

2016     NCECA Demonstrating Artists Patti Warashina and Lauren Grossman, Kansas City, MO


Workshops Taught

2017     Solitude and Companionship, Summit Middle School, Frisco, CO

2009     Graduate Level Soda Firing with Kerosene, Invitation to teach from Fulbright Scholar Jon Keenan, Seika University, Kyoto, Japan



2017-2019 Long Term Resident Artist, Odyssey ClayWorks, Asheville, NC

2017     Short Term Residency Invitation, Breck Create, Breckenridge, CO

2016    Short Term Residency Invitation, Breck Create, Breckenridge, CO

2014    Short Term Residency Invitation, Richard Hotchkiss, Woolman Kiln, Grass Valley, CA


Cited Work

Amazing Glaze: Techniques, Recipes, Finishing, and Firing, Gabriel Kline, Quarto Press, Minneapolis, 2018



2010     Salt, Soda, Wood: a Comparison,BigSURS, Radford University

2010     Salt, Soda Wood: a Comparison, University of North Carolina Asheville Journal


Work Experience 

2018-2019 Kiln Tech Odyssey ClayWorks, Asheville, NC

2011-2019 Molly M. Ceramics LLC, Owner/artist

2014     Director of Publicity, Boulder Potters Guild, Boulder, CO

2011-2012 Art Director at Willow Creek Lodge, Leicester, NC

2011     Kiln Assessor, Cultural Arts Division of Parks and Recreation for the City of Asheville, NC

2008    Sales Associate, The Gallery, Appalachian Center for Craft


Public Speaking

2018     Workshop Assistant Presentation, Penland School of Crafts, Penland, NC

2017     Solitude and Companionship,Summit Middle School, Frisco, CO

2014     Artist Spotlight: Molly Morning-glory, Muse Gallery, Longmont, CO